The 3 year Interreg Sverige-Norge project “Pilgrim utan gränser” has been approved!

We have been working on this for quite a long time, and now we finally got the financing to do it. Lead partner in Sweden is Selångers forsämling, and Norwegian partner is Stiklestad Pilgrim Center.

The Pilgrim without borders-project will implement the St Olav way with a natural- and cultural heritage infrastructure and provide cross-border cohesion for both pilgrims and tourists from near and far.

The objective of the project is to visualize, highlight and make available the region’s natural- and cultural heritage associated with pilgrim and the legend of Olav the holy, by various means and methods. One of the challenges of the project is to find the form and content of history as a platform to lift the story and legacy into the future. Historical heritage has a value as long as they live in people’s consciousness, and information about history becomes knowledge when it lives in the present.

The project intends to build a natural- and cultural historical infrastructure and conceptualize activities and events and build systems that can continue to develop even after the end of the project. All activities and events are developed in close collaboration with individuals, organizations and companies that will be important in sustaining the project’s successful results.

The project wants to lay the foundation for the St. Olav way to become one of the world’s leading pilgrims ways.

The project starts on January 1st 2019.

This is how happy we are!