Stiklestad Pilgrim Center is owned by the municipalities Verdal, Levanger, Frosta, Stjørdal and Malvik, together with Stiklestad National Cultural center and The Diocese of Nidaros. The pilgrim center gets additional funding from Trøndelag County and The National Pilgrim Center, and through various projects.

My name is Heidi Carine Brimi. I’m the lucky manager of Stiklestad Pilgrim Center and my job is to develop the St. Olavsleden, part of the St. Olav Ways.

I’m also a Viking age archaeologist and a nature lover. I spend as much time as possible outside my office, looking after the infrastructure along the path. This involves a lot of coffee drinking while sharing time with some very nice and interesting people.

I hope you enjoy this blog, and don’t hesitate to comment or contact me!

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Heidi Carine Brimi. Photo Eskil Roll
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