Infomagazines 2020 – Norwegian and English

There are two official information webpages about S:t Olavsleden. On these sites you’ll find maps, information about accomodation, contact information to the various local pilgrim centers, pilgrim hiking tips, tour offers and more.

For maps an info ablout the trail, take a look at

Other sites

S:T Olavsleden Shop – Guide books for St. Olavsleden, hiking products and souvernirs  – packages

Facebook pages and groups

S:t Olavsleden page

Hiking along St. Olavsleden group

S:t Olavsledens intressenter group

Guidebooks for S:t Olavsleden

These books are sold at external sites.

In Swedish:

S:t Olavsleden – pilgrimsfärd från hav till hav, en guide. By Staffan Söderlind and Marie Sjöström

There is also an English translation:

St. Olavsleden – a pilgrims path in northern Scandinavia.


St. Olavsweg
S:t Olavsleden Schweden von Selånger nach Trondheim. By Ria Warmerdam.

There is also a German translation:

St. Olavsweg
S:T Olavsleden Schweden Von Selånger nach Trondheim

In German:

Auf dem Olavsweg durch Schweden: Unterwegs auf dem St. Olavsleden von Selånger nach Trondheim. By Michael Schildmann
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