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There are two official information webpages about S:t Olavsleden. On these sites you’ll find maps, information about accomodation, contact information to the various local pilgrim centers, pilgrim hiking tips, tour offers and more.

For Sweden and Norway, take a look at

For information about all the St. Olav Ways, including S:t Olavsleden, see

Other sites

S:T Olavsleden Shop – Guide books for St. Olavsleden, hiking products and souvernirs  – packages

Facebook pages and groups

S:t Olavsleden page

Hiking along St. Olavsleden group

S:t Olavsledens intressenter group

Pilegrimsleden – St. Olav Ways page

Guidebooks for S:t Olavsleden

These books are sold at external sites.

In Swedish:

S:t Olavsleden – pilgrimsfärd från hav till hav, en guide. By Staffan Söderlind and Marie Sjöström

There is also an English translation:

St. Olavsleden – a pilgrims path in northern Scandinavia.


St. Olavsweg
S:t Olavsleden Schweden von Selånger nach Trondheim. By Ria Warmerdam.

There is also a German translation:

St. Olavsweg
S:T Olavsleden Schweden Von Selånger nach Trondheim

In German:

Auf dem Olavsweg durch Schweden: Unterwegs auf dem St. Olavsleden von Selånger nach Trondheim. By Michael Schildmann