Today I was climbing a long and steep path through a fairytale forest at Inndalen, Verdal. Me and two nice gentlemen from the historical society Foreningen til bevaring av De Værdalske Befestninger went up to Blokkhuset to see if there is any hope of restoring the place so it can function as a shelter for pilgrims.

Blokkhuset is part of the fortifications built in this valley to cut of invading armies. Blokkhuset was the place the soldiers could fall back to if the Northern and Southern gallery fell. There has been some kind of fortifications in this valley since the migration period, but the building of these fortifications was finished in 1911. They went out of use in 1936. In 1940 Germany occupied Norway and used the fortifications as watch posts.

Today, the place is owned by the National Fortifications Heritage, but Verdal municipality and the historical society takes care of the place. Blokkhuset is today listed and open for visitors. There is even a toilet, old type ‘utedo’. There are benches outside and the view of the valley is absolutely stunning! The place itself need some cleaning up, some minor restorations and a practical solution for some simple cooking. And someone has to carry up some toilet paper.

The path to Blokkhuset is long and steep, but secured with big stones, stairs and small bridges. There’s a small, beautiful stream of fresh water cascading down the mountain side. The place is halfway between Sul and Vuku, right above Vaterholmen, so it’s a perfect place for a new pilgrim shelter. You can even visit it today. There is a sign on the right hand side of the road just after the bridge at Vaterholmen. Blokkhuset is at the top of the mountain. All the paths lead to the top, but some are steeper than others.

I have high hopes for this place, and hope to invite you all next summer to visit exotic Blokkhuset!

The path to Blokkhuset.
The door. The building has two stories and you enter down into the ground floor.
These are beds. Anyone daring to sleep up here must bring a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad.
The entrance. You have to pass through three gates. There is a big amount of listed (!) barbed wire surrounding the building.
Coffee break is mandatory! This is Roald and Ola from the historical society. We had a great time 🙂
The view…. Sweden is seen far in the background.


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