There is an alternative to regular taxi. A transport can be ordered at least 3 hours before departure, and it corresponds with the trains to Trondheim. There are regular departures, but anyone who wants to use the transport must order beforehand. It is not possible to just show up. The transport will pick you up where you are, for instance at Tautra monastery or at Klostergården.

The list under is when the trains leave Åsen train station for Trondheim, and transportation can be ordered for any of these trains. Price is ca. 50,- NOK.

Train departures from Åsen train station towards Trondheim:

Monday to Friday 05:53 06:28 07:28 10:28 12:28 14:28 16:28 18:28 22:29
Saturday 08:28 10:28 12:28 14:28 16:28 18:28 20:27 22:29 x
Sunday 08:28 10:28 12:28 14:28 16:28 18:28 20:27 22:29 x


Travel planner in English here
Choose From: “Tautra (Frosta) To: “Åsen stasjon (Levanger)”

Call +47 75771861 to order.

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