The post office at Trondheim city center will from now on store packages from pilgrims over the normal storage time. Previously, the post office has stored packages for a maximum limit of 3 weeks, but by marking the package with ‘PILGRIM’ they will make exceptions to this rule. Thus, pilgrims can start sending parcels to Trondheim where they will be stored at the post office in the city center for up to two months. If the parcel is not collected within two months, it will be returned to sender.

The retrieve patch is stored at Nidaros Pilgrim Center. Pilgrims will have to retrieve the retrieve patch at the center and then collect the packages themselves at the post office. The post office is located at Munkegata 30, 9 minutes walk from the pilgrim center.

In order for the post office to be able to separate the packages from the pilgrims from the rest, they must address the mail as follows:

PILGRIM: «Your name here»
Postboks 162 sentrum
7401 Trondheim

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