The 2019 pilgrim season is over. We have counted overnight stays at affiliated companies in Norway. Nidaros Pilgrim Center keeps statistics of issued Olav letters for all pilgrim paths. The 2019 numbers are now ready.

The number of overnight stays in the region increased by over 35%. Both the inner and outer trail increased by about the same amount.

The number of Olav letters issued to pilgrims who came along S:T Olavsleden increased by 29%. The national average is about 11%.

About 22% of those who walked S:T Olavsleden in 2019 started at Stiklestad. Over 41% started in Sundsvall / Selånger and have walked all the way.

Of all pilgrims who arrived in Trondheim in 2019, the pilgrims from S:T Olavsleden make up 24.7%, up from 21.5% in 2018.

These are all hilarious figures and we are looking forward to the 2020 season! Is this the “ketchup effect” that Putte Eby in Östersund municipality has talked about?

Anyhow, if anyone out there has any extra beds they might like to offer to the pilgrims, please contact the slightly overwhelmed Heidi Brimi, manager at Stiklestad Pilgrim Center.

3 Replies to “Ridiculously large growth on S:T Olavsleden”

  1. I belivie in a much larger growth of pilgrims in 2020 and the years to come! The word is spreading in among pilgrims, walkers and hiking enthusiats. And its also a trend of beliving in doing things for yourself and your own health. And its so nice to notice how people living along the trail make a effort to house and feed pilgrims, and at the same time make a small earn 🙂

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