If you are planning on walking the outer route of the St. Olavsleden trail, you will need a boat lift to get from Tautra to Trondheim. There is no ordinary passenger route across the fjord, but there is a special offer for pilgrims.

Thursdays at 3 pm  –  June 1st to August 30th.
Other dates on demand, ask the captain for availability.

500,- NOK per person. 
2500,- in total for an extra trip. 

Contact information to the captain
Jan Kjørsvik, +47 911 36 760 / jan@frostahageby.no

Tickets are bought at Klostergården, close to Tautra harbour. You can pay cash or with a credit or debit card.

It is also possible to get a lift from Frosta to Steinvikholmen with the boat. Ask for availability. This trip MUST be preordered.

2 Replies to “Pilgrim boat from Tautra 2020”

  1. Hallo

    I am a german pilgrim.

    I want to go in July 2020 from Selanger to Trondheim. I think I can go the Yttere Leden.

    But it is complicatet to go from Tautra or Frosta to Trondheim or Steinvikholmen with boat.

    I dont find only the boat Tautra to Trondheim goes on Thursday. I want to be in Trondheim on 29.07.2020, Is there perhaps an Boat to arrive Trondheim at Olavsday 29.07.2020?

    Or I think about to go from Frosta zu Steinvikholmen by boot. Is it possible?

    pease help me. Sorry I don’t spek Norwegian and my English is not so good.

    greetings Andrea Brückner

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